Services of IAL

International Animal-Law© is uniquely positioned to provide valuable knowledge, experience and skills to a wide range of projects regarding animals and the law. Listed below are 5 areas where International Animal-Law© might be able to assist you:


International Animal-Law© is an independent organization that provides a balanced and applied perspective of animal welfare laws and issues.

Opinions regarding animals are diverse, often conflicting, and occasionally volatile, reflecting the vast number of stakeholders and interest groups involved with animals. Accordingly, International Animal-Law’s© input is particularly helpful because it provides an unbiased perspective of how these various views may be relevant to your project.

International Animal-Law© also has significant hands-on experience which is valuable because you get the benefit of realistic experience in addition to sound academic investigation and theory.


To minimize the risk of costly delays or negative legal repercussions, it is obviously important that you know what laws apply to your business or personal activities. This is important when aspects of your project or indirectly involve animals or their habitat. Animal-Law© will assist in considering the laws that are relevant laws to your proposed project or activity.

In addition to knowing and advising on the relevant law to your project, Animal-Law© can provide invaluable assistance to you in a number of other ways...

3.  Access to MULTI-DISCIPLINARY professional networks

Through Animal-Law’s© established and expanding networks, you have access to a wide range of professionals nationally and internationally. These professionals represent a broad range of disciplines including law, ethics, sociology, science, veterinary medicine, conservation, industry, and more. For example, if you’re looking for a specialist to help with development of law or policy, or an expert to sit in on your project-planning or decision-making, or education for professionals or students, or an experienced key speaker for your conference; then the chances are Animal-Law© will be able to offer you some excellent options

4.  Provision of an ADDITIONAL RESOURCE

Animal-Law© does more than just provide you with information about what the law says about animals. We’re involved with a wide range of animal related activities that involve education, conferences, committees, and publications. These activities may enhance or have a direct impact on the ultimate success of your project.

5.  Comprehensive advice and service that is EASY, SAFE, EFFICIENT

In brief, if you are planning or working in any area that may directly or indirectly involve an animal or issues of animal welfare, then you should contact International Animal-Law© to see how we might be able to help ensure the success of your project.

International Animal-Law© operates internationally. To contact International Animal-Law©, please complete the Contact Form.