A complaint against the SPCA (Alberta, Canada)

A complaint has reportedly been filed against Alberta SPCA over their handling of alleged starving and dead cattle.

A resident criticised how the Alberta SPCA handled an investigation of alleged underfed and dead cattle at a farm in the region.The resident,reportedly said a local rancher alerted her to the situation. Together, they drove to the farm and said they found a group of cattle starving in a field – with at least one dead cow among them.She informed the Alberta SPCA, who confirmed with Metro they investigated and the animals were removed from the situation.
Animal protection group Animal Justice said the resident reached out to them for assistance. Spokesperson Anna Pippus said law enforcement has failed these animals, and have not only a legal, but moral obligation to hold the alleged offenders accountable.
Roland Lines, communications manager for the Alberta SPCA, said the complaint is being handled internally, and privacy legislation prevents him from releasing details of the investigation. However, Lines said an officer involved with the investigation sent the resident a picture of the cattle being fed.
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