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Black Saturday: Australia’s deadliest bushfire

  There is an obvious link between animals, their welfare, and the environment they live in. "Good for animals and good for people" is a frequent statement by relevant experts that...more >>

Academic Centres for Animal Welfare

Animal protection and animal studies have progressed and expanded on several important social fronts within both recent and contemporary history.  An  important example of this...more >>

New global intergovernmental standards and guidelines on animal health and welfare

The 83rd General Session of the Annual World Assembly of Delegates of the OIE was held again this year at Maison de la Chimie, in Paris. As each year, this was the occasion for OIE members to...more >>

Hoarding isn’t rewarding

Animal hoarding is a recognised psychiatric condition that results in a serious public health and animal welfare issue with evidence of increasing frequency as people become more isolated from family...more >>

Glow-in-the-dark animals will prevent road accidents

The heading of this article initially raised questions about genetic modification – but as it turned out, the initiative involves fitting stray animals with glow-in-the-dark vests to reduce...more >>

Walmart wants food suppliers to treat animals humanely and limit the use of antibiotics

  Walmart (WMT) says customer demand has driven its latest policy change: that food suppliers must treat animals humanely and limit the use of antibiotics.   Walmart’s announcement...more >>

Emergency Management involving animals

  This is a "must read" for anyone involved with emergency management involving animals.   The Australian Journal of Emergency Management has focused on animals in emergencies in...more >>

International Animal-Law Newsletter May 2015

International Animal Law (IAL) update is a brief summary of some of the news items posted on IAL within the last few months. There’s an array of topics, articles and news of interest on the...more >>

Will your will look after your pet, really?

Since 2008, when California passed a law making it easier to create legally enforceable pet trusts, more pet owners in the state have been putting provisions for their animals into their wills and...more >>
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