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Is Country of Origin labelling a trap for the government? (Australia and New Zealand)

For those who think that Country of Origin labelling reform is a panacea, there is an article on CoOL that may prompt rethinking the issues. With Australian Federal government proposal for changes...more >>

What determines consumers’ motivation to buy sustainable seafood?

Over the past twenty years consumption of sustainable fish has become an increasingly important issue for individuals, organisations and regulatory authorities throughout the world. This trend has...more >>

Animal welfare and behavior course (The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh)

This animal behaviour and welfare course run via the University of Edinburgh, promotes that attendees will learn about animal welfare and why it matters, develop an understanding of some of the main...more >>

McDonald's to use non-antibiotic chicken

  Fast food giant McDonald's says it will stop serving chicken raised with antibiotics that are important to human health, as worries grow over resistance to crucial drugs.   It said it...more >>

As Oceans Become Killing Field, Fish We Eat Dwindle

Over the past century, the biomass of predatory fish in the world's oceans has declined by about two thirds, according to fisheries scientists. In the voids left by the cod, halibut, salmon, and...more >>

The unintended consequences of California's chicken cage law

California’s caged hens were recently given enough room to freely move their legs, but plenty of critics are reportedly still ruffled about the new law, which requires that egg-laying hens must...more >>

Should research animals be named?

A number of researchers have stated that they didn’t name research animals because they dealt with so many animals and were interested in them only as research subjects, not as individuals. Six...more >>

Chinese dump milk as prices fall

The Year of the Goat isn’t working out well for Pi Hui’s cows. The 53-year-old Chinese farmer has slaughtered 180 dairy cattle — about 20 per cent of his herd — in recent...more >>

RSPCA calls for review of greyhound racing laws (Victoria, Australia)

The RSPCA has called on state and territory governments to launch independent reviews of the laws in their greyhound industries after footage of animal cruelty during training was revealed. A recent...more >>
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