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Man gets jail for 'depraved' attacks on cats (New Zealand)

A cat owner was unable to sleep for three nights after her pet was burned alive, in acts a judge has called "extremely depraved".   Hayden Growcott, 22, was sentenced in Greymouth...more >>

GM Insects and Disease Control - POST Note

Insects play a critical role in ecosystems, but can also cause economic and social harm by transmitting diseases to humans and livestock, and damaging crops. Genetically modified (GM) insects could...more >>

Commission sent back to drawing board on novel foods law

Novel foods are defined as those using nanomaterials, the cloning of animals for food production as well as traditional foods from third countries.The European Parliament's environment committee...more >>

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

People are polarised on their views regarding what is acceptable – or not – regarding the uses of animals. The fact is, the biggest single use of animals is for food. The term "bio...more >>

What makes cats and dogs different from cows and pigs?

A petition with 16,000 signatures has been handed to the Swiss parliament, calling for the government to stop people eating "domestic animals". "Around three percent of the Swiss...more >>

Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Animals (Canada)

A Canadian animal rights group is promoting its “Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Animals” as a way to further their protection, but its practicality is being questioned by other legal...more >>

The Animal Protection Index

The Animal Protection Index, which ranks 50 countries across the world on their animal welfare standards, places New Zealand,United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland equally in first place.   The...more >>

Seven years after Michael Vick (USA)

NFL star Vick pleaded guilty in 2007 to bankrolling a dogfighting ring and other charges, eventually serving 18 months in prison. The three largest dogfighting busts in U.S. history have occurred...more >>

Animal Welfare Bill (Thailand)

  Thailand has recently been developed the Animal Welfare Bill for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals .   The North East of Thailand continues to practice controversial practices...more >>
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