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$6 million to the RSPCA to crack down on puppy farms (Victoria, Australia)

THE RSPCA will set up a new “special investigations unit” to crack down on illegal puppy farms as the cost of looking into them is revealed.   The State Government of Australia...more >>

Gates close on rodeo (New Zealand)

A recent investigation into animal welfare has forced a rodeo in New Zealand to shut down. Reportedly, the Rodeo club closed for fear of being on the receiving end of penalties associated with animal...more >>

Amendments to Animal Welfare Act (Singapore)

The Animal Welfare Legislation Review Committee (Singapore) spelt out details to amendments which would establish new animal welfare standards for individuals and businesses in Singapore, and...more >>

Fox hunting and the ban ten years on (UK)

When the Hunting Act was given Royal Assent in 2004, it was a landmark moment for animal welfare. After 80 years of tireless campaigning, the legislation finally made it illegal to hunt a wild animal...more >>

Cracking down on substandard commercial dog breeders (USA)

Just about everyone loves puppies. But around the country, there's heated disagreement about where, and from whom, people can get one. While the large national pet store chains don't sell...more >>

The role of animal welfare in business (Glassons, New Zealand)

Clothing retailer Glassons is copping criticism for the second time in as many weeks, this time for an advertisement animal rights activists say promotes animal cruelty. Glassons latest...more >>

Chinese mutilating camels

Two chinese men claimed that the camel was a wild camel that they had rescued after it had been run over by a train. They denied mutilating it, saying they had taken it upon themselves to care for it...more >>

30 years alone and then ...

A 41-year-old elephant has been introduced to its another of its kind for the first time in over three decades. How did the introduction go?   Video footage of the meeting is available at...more >>

Owners of aggressive dogs to face fines (UK)

Allowing pets to snarl at strangers, threaten postal staff or terrify cats all punishable under laws coming into force in the UK.   Dog owners who allow their pets to snarl at strangers,...more >>
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