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A complaint against the SPCA (Alberta, Canada)

A complaint has reportedly been filed against Alberta SPCA over their handling of alleged starving and dead cattle.   A resident criticised how the Alberta SPCA handled an investigation of...more >>

Veganism a Human Right? (Ontario)

Ontario’s Human Rights Code protects people from discrimination based on characteristics like race, age, gender identity, and sex in situations like the provision of services, housing, and...more >>

Holiday Inn cancels trophy hunting expo

  Holiday Inn has been praised for cancelling an African trophy hunting expo that was set to take place at the hotel’s Toronto International Airport location in January 2016. The move...more >>

Nine “beary” hungry bears

Nine “beary” hungry bears were recently caught on camera chasing after a food delivery truck in southern India. The truck in the video is actually loaded with watermelons that sanctuary...more >>

Food security and the global agrifood system: Ethical issues in historical and sociological perpspective

The world food system was developed under the auspices of free trade. Very quickly though free trade was countered with protectionism in the form of policies favoring national and cultural food...more >>

Joining the dots of pigs, swill, and the EU

Pigs are history’s oldest food waste recyclers. Nine thousand years ago in Anatolia and the Mekong Valley, modern-day Turkey and China, wild pigs first raided the piles of food waste left by...more >>

Food safety concerns (New Zealand)

Food safety is mostly taken for granted in New Zealand with stringent tests in place to ensure the products bought by the public are safe to eat. However, recent events have put paid to that thought...more >>

Japan's hunt is not scientific research

A Japanese whaling fleet recently set sail for the Antarctic on a mission to resume the hunt after a one-year pause, sparking a "strong" formal protest from 33 countries, led by Australia...more >>

Decision to end monkey experiments based on finances, not animal rights

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently revealed that it had begun to phase out controversial monkey experiments at one of its labs in Poolesville, Maryland, USA. The action followed an...more >>
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