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Starfish-killing robot close to trials on Great Barrier Reef

An autonomous starfish-killing robot is close to being ready for trials on the Great Barrier Reef, researchers say. Crown-of-thorns starfish have have been described as a significant threat to coral...more >>

Woman criminally charged for giving water to dehydrated pigs (Canada)

Imagine this. Hundreds of pigs are crammed into a truck on a sweltering day. A woman appears with a bottle of water. She pours water into the animals' mouths and talks to them.  The driver...more >>

Animal Justice wins right to intervene in Supreme Court animal sexual abuse appeal

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted welfare interest group Animal Justice leave to intervene in an appeal that will decide whether some forms of sexual abuse of animals are acceptable under...more >>

Sustainability, thoroughbred racing and the need for change

Globally, the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry is reporting a declining trend.   In various racing nations in Europe, in Australia and the US, thoroughbred racing is experiencing...more >>

EU biofuel policies: Income effects and lobbying decisions in the German agricultural sector

Abstract: European Union (EU) policymakers have persistently supported first-generation biofuels despite the clearly emerging picture of small or even negative green house gas mitigation effects...more >>

European Parliament votes against bullfighting subsidies

Animal welfare campaigners have welcomed a vote by the European Parliament against taxpayer subsidies being paid towards bullfighting. Some 438 MEPs voted in favour of an amendment against payouts...more >>

Putting McDonalds and sustainability in the same sentence

 “How are we going to sell 100 per cent more stuff than we do today, and do it sustainably? It will happen through innovation, tech, education, investment, entrepreneurship and partnership...more >>

Thoughts about sustainable egg production

If there is any industry in the world that knows how to efficiently produce animal protein it is the poultry and egg sector. Eggs in particular are not only nutritious, they are produced using the...more >>

Trying to make regulation something more than just a burden

Whenever people have to follow a set of rules, they may see it as a chore, maybe one day resent having to do. Many people would rather focus on their work with nonhuman animals and try to escape...more >>
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