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Are you critiquing those media stories? For example, "live exports" ...

In early September 2020, a ship taking nearly 6,000 cows out of New Zealand, capsized off the coast of Japan. It’s been reported that the ship capsized because the ship's engine failed,...more >>

Dogs trained to detect COVID-19

After just a few days of training, dogs in Germany proved capable of identifying people infected with COVID-19, according to researchers. The dogs, part of a study by a veterinary university in...more >>

Dogs must be walked twice a day under new law

When it comes to looking after dogs, do you think providing a dog with regular exercise is a sign of a "responsible" dog owner? If the answer to that question is "yes", then how...more >>

Do YOU think invertebrates are sentient?

According to Donald Broom ( Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare at Cambridge University) "sentience is not confined to animals with large or human-like brains. Moral standing should be accorded...more >>

Do you know what "the green deal" is?

Do you know what "the green deal" is? The green deal, is a strategy programme by the European Commission, which intends to “green” the EU activities and re-orient policies and...more >>

Covid19, Brexit and much more in 2020: A Bad Year for Animal Welfare?

While the jury is still out as to the exact origins of Covid 19, the even the potential of animal involvement as a cause, or vector, must raise questions regarding the human-animal relationship, and...more >>

How much could you lose? How much could you gain? Pigs in NZ's High Court

It's not unusual for a private organisation or a charity to conduct a court case challenging governance performance, standards or positions. PETA, Greenpeace and the Animal Legal Defence Fund (...more >>

Here's a quick journey in to animal law

Mr. Mike Radford gives a talk on Animal Welfare Law at the 2017 Veterinary Ethics and Welfare Conference at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.    Mike is a recognised...more >>

What do animals "think" and "feel"?

Do animals "think" and "feel"? Yes? No?   Have a look at the TED talk in the link shown below ( and see if it affects your answer. When you'...more >>
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