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NY judge recognizes chimps as persons: A step toward legal rights for animals?

A New York judge ruled that the writ of habeas corpus, which allows humans to challenge their imprisonment, applied to two chimpanzees held for research at a Long Island university. The decision...more >>

Farmers need federal welfare laws (Australia)

The Australian Farm Institute (AFI) is demanding the federal government introduce cohesive national farm animal welfare laws to replace “fragmented” State rules, to protect against...more >>

Germany Focuses on Farm Animal Welfare

The German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Dr Maria Flachsbarth said that many people not just livestock farmers and those involved with farm animals are concerned about welfare issues. She...more >>

Animals and the Environment: Advocacy, activism, and the quest for common ground

Contemporary Earth and animal activists rarely collaborate, perhaps because environmentalists focus on species and ecosystems, while animal advocates look to the individual, and neither seems to have...more >>

Trade Me Action Good, But Not Enough (New Zealand)

On Monday 30 March, Paw Justice launched its don’t trade me campaign. The campaign called for regulation of online sale of dogs and asked auction powerhouse, Trade Me, to put regulations in...more >>

Are lawyers the enemy of sustainability execs?

  “All they say is no,” said Dr. Temple Grandin about lawyers. Dr. Grandin is a preeminent animal welfare scientist. At a recent presentation, she proclaimed she wished she...more >>

The Evolution of Animal Welfare and the 3Rs in Brazil, China, and India

Abstract: Increasingly, scientific collaborations and contracts cross country borders. The need for assurance that the quality of animal welfare and the caliber of animal research conducted are...more >>

In memorandum: David Bayvel

  It is with great sadness that IAL advises that David Bayvel passed away on Tuesday 7 April 2015. He was a colleague, friend, and mentor to many people, particularly those involved in the field...more >>

Is Country of Origin labelling a trap for the government? (Australia and New Zealand)

For those who think that Country of Origin labelling reform is a panacea, there is an article on CoOL that may prompt rethinking the issues. With Australian Federal government proposal for changes...more >>
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