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What's your 'done' look like?

What does YOUR idea of 'done' look like in terms of law that governs the human-animal relationship? 2022 is the bicentenary anniversary of Martin’s Act 1822, Britain’s first...more >>

More $ for your McPork?

Is animal welfare important enough to you to buy cage free eggs? What about cage free pigs? Look for the conflicts between (a) ethical food production and (b) cost of production that hinge on (c)...more >>

England’s Sentient Christmas Box

England’s Sentience Bill has reportedly passed its final stage and animals are set to be explicitly legislatively recognised as sentient. In 2015, New Zealand did the same thing when it...more >>

Critically thinking about animal law

On a scale from 1-10, how much CRITICAL THINKING did you see in the last 7 animal-related articles, worldviews and proposals that you’ve read? Critical thinking is a process of ‘HOW...more >>

Can you see the predictable outcome of England's Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill?

In March 2022 England's House of Commons Library produced a report on the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill. You can read the report at >>

Has the EU implemented genuinely 'modern' animal 'welfare' standards?

'Are the current EU animal welfare standards future fit or can we expect further updates'? That's the opening line of a March 2022 article following the most recent animal welfare legal...more >>

Cows Are the New Coal?

One of the early, attention-grabbing announcements at November’s COP climate conference in Glasgow was a commitment by more than 105 countries to join a U.S.- and E.U.-led coalition to cut 30%...more >>

Feeding cows seaweed to reduce methane emissions

Methane is a short-lived but powerful greenhouse gas and the second-largest contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. And the majority of human-induced methane emissions comes from...more >>

Another virus - Avian Flu (again)

Chances are there are very few people on the planet that don't know more about viruses today than they did a couple of years ago.   But this news isn't about COVID. This is another virus...more >>
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