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Minister for Vulnerable Children ... "Violence is violence, whatever the species"

A new child-centred, stand-alone ministry with a new Chief Executive is to be established in New Zealand in April 2017 to focus on the care and protection of vulnerable children and young people. New...more >>

International Animal-Law Newsletter July 2016

Here’s a question for you - “what’s the future of animal welfare”? Whatever your answer is, does it take into account the fact that people and animals share the planet,...more >>

Understanding perspectives on animal welfare was rated as being of little importance to veterinary graduates in Australia and New Zealand

The study of animal welfare and ethics (AWE) as part of veterinary education is important due to increasing community concerns and expectations about this topic, global pressures regarding food...more >>

Live exports from New Zealand to Indonesia - for breeding purposes

The issue of live exports has been controversial in New Zealand, because of past cases in which large numbers of sheep died while being transported. Export for slaughter is now banned, however a...more >>

Emotional damages a potential head of claim (New Zealand)

Two dogs have been intentionally poisoned at Clendon Park in Manurewa, according to a local vet clinic.   Rachael Radich at Mangere Vet Clinic said the dogs, which are mixed breeds, are not...more >>

"A culture of deception" and "no longer entitled to the trust of the community" - shutdown of the Greyhound racing industry (New South Wales, Australia)

"A culture of deception" and "no longer entitled to the trust of the community" are quotations from the presentation of NSW Premier Mike Baird when he announced a ban on greyhound...more >>

Law Says Animals Have Feelings

Last year a change in New Zealand law acknowledged that animals are sentient. What does this mean for animal rights, welfare and farming practices? We talk to former vet and animal law expert Ian...more >>

Australian cattle ‘sledgehammering’ in Vietnam

Recent revelations about the sledgehammering to death of what seem to be Australian cattle in Vietnam  have raised further questions about the Australian government’s inability to control...more >>

Rich country corruption - thinking about the impacts on animal welfare.

When did you last find yourself believing that "the government" was the bastion point of reliable fairness and justice? The recent accusation that the Department of Agriculture and Water...more >>
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