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Animal law courses on the rise in Australia

When Cecil the lion was killed by a Minnesotan dentist called Walter Palmer, the world’s attention turned to the protection of wild animals from trophy hunters.   Interest was spurred by...more >>

A "feel good" story of puppy love

A 17-year-old Syrian refugee has walked more than 300 miles carrying his pet dog after he could not bear to leave the animal in his war-torn homeland.The teenager said he had walked at least 310...more >>

The Kermadec ocean sanctuary (New Zealand)

A vast stretch of New Zealand's exclusive economic zone is being turned into an ocean sanctuary in a landmark deal to preserve one of the most pristine and unique environments on earth.  ...more >>

When well intended initiatives actually create a problem that compromises the welfare of animals.

Read this story of Arthur - a 30 year old well-cared for horse, that died as a result of a 3 inch nail in his head. It's sad reading but it illustrates the problem of well intended initiatives...more >>

Three Queensland vets face prosecution over how they managed Hendra cases

Dr Luke Annetts, from Bundaberg, Dr Janine Frances Dwyer, from Carbrook, south of Brisbane, and Dr Matthew George Morahan, from the Gold Coast, are all facing charges relating to exposing themselves...more >>

The Netherlands has officially banned the use of wild animals in circuses

It is now illegal for wild animals, such as lions, bears, elephants, and giraffes, to be used in circuses in the Netherlands.    more >>

Food fraud - Australian Business Law

Food fraud is the intentional adulteration, substitution, dilution, mixing or adding of substances or ingredients to food in a manner that falsely describes the food to achieve an economic benefit....more >>

Cloning Animals for Food to Be Banned in the EU

EU lawmakers backed calls Tuesday to tighten up a proposed ban on cloning animals for food so as to ensure they never find a place on European farms.   The European Commission is ready to ban...more >>

Scientific studies of animal intelligence and emotion reveal surprising traits

When looking at intelligence researchers examine how animals use cognitive abilities such as thinking, acquiring knowledge, sensory perception, memory, individual recognition and language, while...more >>
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