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International Animal-Law Newsletter May 2015

International Animal Law (IAL) update is a brief summary of some of the news items posted on IAL within the last few months. There’s an array of topics, articles and news of interest on the...more >>

Will your will look after your pet, really?

Since 2008, when California passed a law making it easier to create legally enforceable pet trusts, more pet owners in the state have been putting provisions for their animals into their wills and...more >>

Animal research in the EU

The European parliament will debate a call – backed by a petition signed by 1.2 million people – to scrap animal research in the EU. The proposal has alarmed scientists, who worked for...more >>

In the name of entertainment – Bear Grylls survival show slaughtered tame pig

Adventurer Bear Grylls has been accused of animal cruelty after a tame pig was shipped in to be slaughtered by contestants on his TV survival show.    The Island, the Channel 4 reality...more >>

New South Wales State Government feels heat as Labor and Greens go it alone on canine cruelty (Australia)

Pressure is mounting on the New South Wales state government to introduce tougher animal cruelty laws as Labor and the Greens foreshadow introducing their own bills into Parliament to crack down on...more >>

Stricter rules for online puppy sales

Trade Me and animal rights groups are tightening regulations governing the sale of puppies online in response a campaign against the practice known as puppy milling. A puppy mill is a factory farm...more >>

What are the implications for New Zealand stakeholders in legally recognising animals as 'sentient' beings?

The most recent amendment to New Zealand's Animal Welfare Act states that the purposes of the legislation include recognising "that animals are sentient" and "to require owners of...more >>

Legislation would protect pets of domestic violence victims

The AVMA is lending its support to bipartisan legislation that would expand federal protections to the pets of victims of domestic violence.   The Pet and Women Safety Act (H.R. 1258) would...more >>

Norway Creates Animal Rights Police

A heralded initiative is coming out of Norway, as government ministers have announced the start of a program employing animal rights cops.   The three-year initiative will find an investigator,...more >>
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