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Hardline dog control measures (New Zealand): A "good" start?

Theres an old proverb that says "for every thousand hacking at the leaves of a problem tree, there is only one working on the roots". 20,000 bites per year. The statistics on dog bites...more >>

Legalizing ivory trade won't save elephants

Is killing elephants—legally—the best way to save them? The controversial idea is a discussion topic on the agenda of a conservation meeting in South Africa, where elephant-rich African...more >>

A must-read if you have anything to do with the issue of "dangerous dogs"

This post contains attachments which constitute a must-read if you have anything to do with the issue of "dangerous dogs". The issue of dangerous dogs touches on a wide range of topics...more >>

Your dog understands more than you think

It’s the eternal question for pet owners: Does your dog understand what you’re saying? Even if Fido doesn’t “get” your words, surely he gets your tone when you let loose...more >>

The balance between privacy and protection involving children - and animals

There is a significant body of research establishing the link between incidents of domestic violence and animal abuse. It's been widely acknowledged that the occurrence of animal abuse serves as...more >>

Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change

  The results of one recent research study suggest that nearly two-thirds of anthropogenic carbon emissions originated in just 90 companies and government-run industries. Among them, the top...more >>

Sustainability in the Textile and Fashion Industries: Animal Ethics and Welfare

There is no doubt that the textile (and fashion) industry is important for the economy; however, taking into account the concept of sustainability, this industry many times—actually most times...more >>

Synergies and trade-offs between animal welfare and other sustainability issues

Sustainable development of livestock systems involves innovations and the adaptation of these systems in a manner that not only meets the needs of current human generation, but also the potential...more >>

Minister for Vulnerable Children ... "Violence is violence, whatever the species"

A new child-centred, stand-alone ministry with a new Chief Executive is to be established in New Zealand in April 2017 to focus on the care and protection of vulnerable children and young people. New...more >>
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